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Each Reiki Experience Is Unique!

Updated: Aug 21, 2018

Some examples of reported sessions & differences...

Welcome to my blog post!

Each experience is unique & interesting and I invite you to share your experience here as well.

My personal experiences have been very different altogether, however, absolutely amazing and deep! A few examples of my own experiences are as follows;


My mother whom I was very close with, passed away in September 2015. Three years prior to her passing, I had been helping her out quite a bit, including taking her to all her appointments etc. She at one point was staying with me briefly in my home until her health declined. When she passed away, I was devastated and found myself not dealing with her death. I would push out any thoughts of her and if I accidentally came across any pictures of her, I would immediately change it to something else so I wouldn't have to deal with the pain associated with the loss.

Once I had Reiki done on myself, I had visions of my mother & her mother, I cried and let it all out...and the message that I received was that she was happy to be reunited with her mother, that our loving bonds are still connected and that all was well. I felt amazing after that experience and began to heal from then on.


I was recently rushed to the hospital by ambulance due to a rejection from new thyroid medication. I was so sick, that I thought I was going to die. A few days after I was released from the hospital, I started to gain a bit of strength and felt I could perform Reiki on myself. I did 4 consecutive days of self Reiki and noticed a considerable difference each day. At first I felt lots of negative energy swirling around in my Chakras and that decreased each day after, to the point where I felt no more sickness. It was incredible to see the progress everyday.

Reported Experiences of Others

Many have reported feeling relaxed and peaceful, a sense of relief emotionally or from physical pain. They actually felt a space in their body where the negative energy had been stored and moved out. Some even fall asleep because they're so relaxed, while others may have an emotional issue that comes to surface and moves out. some don't feel much. Overall, a beautiful experience.

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